Philippine Domain Names for Sale

If you are looking for premium Philippine domain names that are for sale, you have come to the right place. 

We have several websites for the Philippines market that are in operation and still live today and will be for years to come. 

Our main business is the Australian market for our marketing services however we do have a treasure chest of premium domain names in the Philippines market. 

Philippines Domain Names

The domain extensions in the Philippines are: 



For example the domain names you will most likely buy for the Philippines market will be:


Our business in the Philippines is primarily the finance market. We own and operate websites with premium domain names attached. There is no benefit in us sharing with you here online what the websites are at this stage – that would only open us up to all kinds of spam and worse.

If you are looking for a premium Philippines domain name that is not currently available “off the shelf” (meaning; someone already owns it), we should talk. 

What Domains are For Sale?

If you’re looking for single word and two word premium domain names in either of these areas, contact us:

  • Finance
  • Loans and lending. 
  • Wealth/Money
  • Property
  • Health
  • Insurance 
  • Auto 
  • Utilities
    • Gas
    • Electricity
    • Solar 
  • Industry 
  • And many more. 

Investing in Domain Names

Domain names can’t be duplicated. Consider domain names to be like a line of houses along a single and globally popular stretch of beach. If there are only 10 of these houses, that means there are literally only 10. 

There will be more than 10 people who want to buy one of these houses on the popular beach. The demand for these houses will grow over time and so will the value of these houses as people are willing to pay more and more every time one might be listed for sale.

It’s the same with domain names. 

Here is another example: If you are in the hotel or travel industry and you do business in/with the Philippines. It would make sense to own:

www hotel com ph . And also:

www. hotel . ph 

If you don’t own these domain names, someone else will. 

(Please note:  we do not own these two domain names mentioned above. They are used here for example only). 

Investment Firms and Domain Names

If you work in or manage an investment company, a wide ranging portfolio of premium domains names would in our opinion be a valuable asset to hold in your fund.

If you’re looking to purchase Philippine domain names in bulk, contact us via email and we can arrange a time to talk and share what is available. 

Why Do We Have Premium Filipino Domain Names?

We got lucky We got in early before the market took off.

The owner of CUSTOMORE, Craig Marty was stationed to work in the Philippines in 2009 and saw the opportunity to start and launch businesses with an online focus in the Filipino market. 

This opened the doors to premium domain names in the Philippines that could possibly now be sold to a new owner – as we start to focus in other areas. 

If you are wanting to acquire domain names in the Philippines market there is a very strong possibility that we own some that you would be interested in acquiring, and also we will likely be able to connect you with owners of other domain names in the same market. 

Why The Philippines?

We know that the Philippines is a strong and growing market. But don’t take our word for it, you can read this article from The key takeaways are below. 

The Philippines is:

  • ASEAN’s second-largest nation.
  • The region’s #1 fastest-growing population. 
  • The region’s 3rd biggest economy. 

There are several other reasons to be positive about the future of the Philippines and therefore the value of irreplaceable domain names. 

If you are interested to hear what domain names are available for sale simply contact us here and ask. We’ll organise a time to talk with you and share more information.