A Little About Us


We Are a Highly Focused Small Team Who Build Customer Winning Machines.

Ok, thank you for taking four minutes to read a little more about who we are. 


Firstly we need you to know that if you are looking for a marketing agency to collect you in a limousine, bring you to our harbour view offices, serve you champagne and continue into the night wining and dining you (using the inflated fee’s you would be charged) – we are not that company. 


If you need to show your business partners or investors things that look expensive and fancy, even when it doesn’t give you any better result – you should not work with us. 


We also don’t waste resources, time nor money on things that are only used to stroke peoples egos. 


The methods and processes we follow to win customers for businesses soars above all of the…


  • Low level
  • Attention loving
  • Low IQ 
  • Industry hype


But we are not necessarily cheap.


Craig Marty is the owner of CUSTOMORE (previously known as Clarify Marketing). The company unofficially started in 2004 when Craig started his marketing ‘side business’ after his office job, working from home until midnight and working most weekends to invest the years it took to learn how it works. 


  • Building websites
  • Facebook marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • eCommerce 
  • Copywriting 


…are all services that we can deliver BUT…


We rarely provide these individually. 


When a business owner is wanting to get more sales, outgrow their competitors and dominate their market they often point at something like Facebook Ads and say…


 “That’s it! That’s what we need! – Do Facebook Ads for us!”  


I understand why that can make sense and seem obvious, Facebook Ads is only one part of the machine needed to design, create, launch and succeed with a marketing campaign that will bring your business customers continuously. 


We build end to end solutions. 


  • We do not want to rebuild your entire website. 
  • We do not want to design you a new logo.
  • We do not want to charge you for monthly SEO. 
  • We do not want to run your Google Ads or Facebook Ads for you. 




Because these things will not get you the results you are looking for. 


Our process is as follows:


  1. We talk with you to learn more about you and your business
  2. We ask what is the product/service you want to sell more of. 
  3. We create the plan and pieces to attract and win the customers you are looking for. 


We build complete, sales focused, start-to-finish… 


…customer winning strategies. 


If this is a process that makes sense to you, and you do have a business that you want to grow contact us here now.


Winning Customers Means Only One Thing

Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness,
drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase sales montes.


Know where to look to find the people who would best be your customers.


Offer a delicious hamburger to this starving crowd.


Introduce yourself and help them along their way with what they're up to.


Whilst you are both there, you may as well offer your own services to get what it is, that they want done!

Our Marketing Strategy

And Who Our Service Is Best Suited For

We provide marketing services to medium and large businesses focused only customer winning marketing strategies. We only provide what you need.

Existing Businesses

If your business has been running for years and you want more new customers.

Top Services & Products

Businesses with a good quality service or product will have the best success when working for us.

Know Their Expertise

People and teams who know their industry inside out and in more detail than their competitors.

Let Us Work

Owners and managers who are eager to follow our lead, take our advice and let us do what we do.


Explore Our Milestones And See How
It All Began

November 2004

The Big Idea

The owner of CUSTOMORE, Craig Marty, was working an office job with a friend who shared that he was making money on the internet, whilst he was asleep.

December 2004


The thought of waking up with more money in the bank account than what one went to sleep with struck a chord deep with Craig who has been on “mission possible” ever since.

Throughout 2005 - 2006

Endless Mistakes

It turned out that making money online and while you were asleep was not as easy as it sounded. Nothing worth it, ever is! Every rabbit hole was ran down and every idea executed. Websites, affiliate deals, SEO, Google Ads, there was no stone unturned without anything to write home about.

March 2007

First Real Dollars

The actual months are dates are a bit fuzzy now, but somewhere around 2006-2007 the first dollars were earned with affiliate commissions. Referring home loans applications to lenders. Dollars appeared in the bank account and it became real. 

June 2009

Company Established

Somewhere around this time ABNs, ACNs and logos were ordered. Craig Marty was still working in full time in the 9-5 office job and staying up to all hours building the online business, learning and mastering every new trick in the book and waving goodbye to the old ones as they stopped working.

June 2011

Full Steam Ahead

Redundancy from the off-shored role was the turning point to roll the dice and start running the business full time. We’ve learned that the dice never stop rolling and results are the only thing that matter.

April 2020

New Life

A non-compete has ended and the old brand ‘Clarify Marketing’ has been sailed into the sunset with CUSTOMORE taking its place. The fat has been trimmed, the noise has been cut and we deliver only what’s important to our clients; more customers. 

Are You Ready to Hear a Better
Way to Get More Customers?

Be one of the businesses we speak with today to hear if we're a good match to get you more customers.

Our Executive Team Members

Craig Marty

Co-Founder & CEO